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Strategic Ladies provides consultative well-being services in all aspects of alternative and traditional health.  We work with all types of corporations and individuals to reach holistic well-being goals.  A key aspect of our service is assessment, followed by the introduction of our G.R.O.U.N.D methodology, and mindfulness practices designed for sustainable change.


Comprehensive Health Services



Strategic Ladies believes in the old adage that “You Are What You Eat” and that the main purpose of food is to provide the supplements and nutrients needed to maintain good health.  We also believe in a occasional cheat day.  Healthy food can be fun and satisfying, so work with us to create a bio-Individualized Plan for you.



Strategic Ladies will work to get you moving again with steps and activities that put exercise in the forefront of your mind. There is a exercise for everyone you just have to find it.

Relaxation/Stress Management


75% of American’s feel stress!  This stress is causing major problems for corporations and individuals, increasing health care cost, and limiting productivity.   Strategic ladies has researched and found stress management techniques that can help even certain high risk populations managed stress.  Call us for your individual stress management consultation.



prayer pose

Some of the most successful companies use meditation to prevent, sustain, and manage stress and other health issues. Strategic Ladies Meditation Services have helped build, enhance, and sustain well-being in corporations and individuals.  We help develop meditation programs tailor to your specific needs and lead meditation sessions regularly in corporate and personal environments  irrespective of your belief system.  The results seen is improved relationships, work-life balance and productivity.

Virtual/online Meditation Sessions:

It is hard for individuals to commit to being physically present due to schedules conflicts.  Strategic ladies host on line meditation sessions to serve a large population of people who have this limitation.  Additionally, we have segmented our services so that they focus on different populations and needs. Our Student demographic have greatly benefits from our online classes offering due to their busy hectic schedules.

Student information

 “Student Video” example below.  


Student Stress Meditation Series

male stressed student



Relationship Services


Business and Personal connections, collaboration, and shared visions are keys to success in any environment.  It takes the use of relationship consultants to successfully navigate and mediate in this space.  Strategic Ladies develops and implements successful plan that incorporate communication, action, and summative evaluations.  These can be done in groups or with individuals.

  • Team Building – Corporate Events – Intervention – Shared Visions –  and much more…

Work with us to get your health back at all levels!


CPR Services


Strategic Ladies uses “CPR Breath In It” to provide CPR services for companies and individuals.   American Heart Association Classes are held throughout Southern California that uphold the highest standards and guidelines.


Email us today for more details, as our program are tailors to each individual and company needs!



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